Now TV cost to relocate service

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    Now TV cost to relocate service

    Has anyone moved recently and moved their existing Now TV service? If so, what was the service fee to move the service please? In the course of the conversation with a service rep the fee they were quoting jumped from $580 to $980 to relocate, and they were trying the hard sell on upgrading the service. I think the fee may be an attempt to push us into a new contract.

    I'm just trying to establish what the fee really is to move the service, and if we're dealing with an unscrupulous sales person here. I'm pretty sure I didn't pay a fee anywhere near that level last time I moved.


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    hi there, when i relocated i did not pay anything but it took them almost half month to restore or relocate the service...

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    Have you tried the, if you don't waive this cost, i'm going to let the contract run down and then cancel the contract when it's over.

    If they call your bluff, you can always call another sales person to say you've changed your mind.

    Worth a shot as I wouldn't be keen on paying any costs for relocation!