PCCW Now TV connected to Airport Express

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    PCCW Now TV connected to Airport Express

    PCCW installed my 1000 MB internet line while I was travelling. When I came back it worked fine with the exception of Now TV. The cable guy didn't install the Now TV because there was no wired connection available behind the TV.

    So I tried to set it up myself as follows:
    - PCCW modem is connected to Airport Extreme to broadcast WiFI. Works as a charm
    - Airport Express is plugged in near my TV and I have set it up to join the Airport Extreme WIFI network.
    - I have connected an ethernet cable between my express and the Now TV box.
    - Now TV gets internet signal (blue light) and asks me to input my Pin
    - After a little while an error occurred 88061B and that's it.

    Does anyone here have a similar setup to connect Now TV ? I suspect it may be that my airport express first generation doesn't support wired internet

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    Best to give the NowTV support hotline a call, they can do remote diagnostics. Sometimes it's a setting they can change remotely.

    Alternatively try to connect your NowTV decoder straight into the Netvigator modem, i.e. without Airport Express to see it makes any difference.