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Custom laptop?

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    Question Custom laptop?

    I am curious if there are any shops in HK provides custom laptop services?
    Will it be cheaper compare to pre-built one?

    I am looking at Alienware and OriginPc but they both are expansive as hell... i have also been looking at ASUS's ROG series, and curious if there are anymore alternatives...

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    1. OriginPC - hugely overpriced. Look great on paper though.
    2. Alienware/Asus/MSI/Aorus/etc - probably good notebooks but really hard to buy what you want here in HK. You go through models on their sites, narrow down to a couple of configurations and then find out nobody sells those here. While you can buy Alienware through Dell HK, I feel like they regressed a lot past couple of years, it's either underpowered general-usage stuff or massive thick leafblowers.

    What you need is Sager/Clevo.

    Brief explanation if you never heard these names. Clevo is a large OEM/EDM manufacturer in Taiwan, Sager is their main factory/sales office for USA and Canada. You can order directly from Sager (Custom Gaming Laptops - Welcome to Sager Notebooks) but their sales service is pretty crap. Mostly people buy Sager though authorised resellers who provide much better service and additional customisation.
    XoticPC ( is probably the best-known and provides huge number of customisations. However, I personally had a multitude of small problems with them and in the end ordered through PowerNotebooks (, their Fedex rate to HK is also much better.
    Keep in mind all of them do not accept non-US credit cards and non-US Paypal so your only payment option is bank transfer. I had around USD25 charges from HSBC and PowerNotebooks received payment same night.

    I am sitting and waiting for my NP8652-S... Should arrive some time next week.

    Finally, there is also AftershockPC from Singapore.They don't say where they source their stuff from but their notebooks look a lot like Sager's. Interestingly, they were already offering Skylake CPUs two-three weeks ago. I did not talk to them.

    P.S. There is a Clevo agent in China called Terrans Force. Can try them if you have good channel built up for Taobao/Ali.

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    Real question here- why would someone want a custom laptop? I could understand someone wanting a bit more RAM or a bigger drive, but to really change the config around would be a bit unusual.

    Though I would have a couple of things that I'd really like on a laptop: Non-crap keyboards and matte 4:3 IPS screens.

    > Will it be cheaper compare to pre-built one?

    Laughs loudly. I would expect a custom laptop to be:

    1. Hugely more expensive than a prebuilt.
    2. Have really problematic support and warranty issues associated with it.

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    > Real question here- why would someone want a custom laptop?

    Depends what you call by custom. Obviously, you would never get "install-my-choice-of mainboard" option, but a lot of stuff can be changed on such models.
    Let's look at Alienware 15 for example.
    Memory: 16GB - cannot change. 16GB is good choice though, so no complaints.
    Video: GTX980m - cannot change. Good stuff but if you want to save around USD200 getting 970m instead, you can't.
    Display: 4k blah-blah display. If you plan on gaming, 4k sucks. Cannot downgrade to 1920x1080.
    Storage: 512GB M.2 + 1TB HDD. Again, cannot change. What type of M.2? They don't even say, so 99% sucky SATA. Have money and want PCIe M.2? Forget it. Save money and downgrade to 256 MB M.2? Cannot. Change HDD to SSD and cancel M.2? Cannot.
    And this goes on.

    So, laptop is custom not in normal Tower PC sense but rather like choosing options for your car - I want specific gearbox, leather or fabric seats, what kind of dashboard and so on. It will be custom made for you at the factory. Additionally, you can upgrade memory and storage options yourself later.

    > > Will it be cheaper compare to pre-built one?
    > Laughs loudly

    Alienware 15 on Dell HK site: HKD 27,999.
    Comparable MSI GS60 2QE: HKD 21,800 (with 970m and only 1TB HDD)
    Sager NP8652 with the same options except with 1080p screen (they don't offer 4k panel right now, still, add max USD 300): USD 1,719. With shipment from USA comes to HKD 14,300 for 1080p, probably around HKD 16,600 with 4k panel.

    I do agree on hassles with warranty and possible RMA. And this is where you choose for yourself - pay 23-28k with HK warranty or 14-17k without.

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    Could be that the HK Dell options are limited? There are a slew of Alienware 15 choices that give different GPUs, drive combos, RAM amounts and CPU.

    Also the top end Alienware 15 is only(!) 18K, so I'm assuming that HK buyers are paying some sort of crazy markup if the machine is 27K out here.

    Edit: PCIe SSD, BTW. Never really bothered to look too close at the specs of these gaming laptops before as I think they are completley OTT

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    Bit late to edit the above post, but the Alienware stuff I was checking was on the Dell US site if it wasn't obvious from context. Looks like the HK market gets screwed for this kind of gear.