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Google Maps > Apple Maps

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    Google Maps > Apple Maps

    Good read and very in-depth:

    Because not only has Google been adding houses, it’s been adding garages and tool sheds ...and even trailers
    This suggests that Google may have a 6+ year lead over Apple in data collection
    So Google likely knows what’s inside all of the buildings it has extracted...

    This will be really cool when Google’s/Waymo’s self-driving cars have AR displays. One can imagine pointing out the window at a building and being able to see what’s inside.

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    Back in the days when you couldn’t remove Apple Maps I used to put it in a folder “useless” together with some other apps that you couldn’t delete and were useless. This was after I tried to find a street in HK that didn’t even exists on Apple Maps.

    Now I delete it as it is still useless.

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    Google's building data is impressive. Nonetheless, it's lacking certain detail that other maps provide. For outdoor adventure, it's lacking data.

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    Seen on Slashdot ..

    A man using Apple Maps walks into a bar, or a hotel, or possibly a church...
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