Looking for short term broadband/ other solutions

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    Looking for short term broadband/ other solutions

    Moved here from the UK and will be living here for around 9 months so do not want to commit to a 24 month contract. i understand that broadband is transferable so am posting to see if anyone is willing to transfer/ can offer any other solutions.

    from what ive looked at so far, smarttone and HKBN do not other broadband services to my location.

    Any input would be helpful

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    Well, first question is :--> WHERE is your abode?

    Second question is who "services" your particular area?

    Third question is who - locally - have you accosted to find out what THEY have?

    Have you got i-Cable connection with real coax back to the source for TV/phone &/or ISP.
    [NOT a satellite dish on the roof].

    i-Cable is cheap enough - and I "booted out" Spamvigator years ago due to their massive increase in monthly rates.

    I'm happy with a "mere" 50mbps Down / 10 mbps UP for around $160 a month with several F.O.C. months on my contract.

    Pretty much every ISP discards gets advertised here as people quit HK. You just have to seek 'rm out every day.

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    Plenty of the mobile companies provide month to month contracts. They are your best option for a shorter term.