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Better to buy laptop in USA or HK?

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    Having said all this - HK is not as crazy expensive if you know where to shop and how to find deals.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrdollars
    Apple computers are cheaper here than the most places in the world.
    And that is even before you loot you kids edu discount which shaves another HK$1000 off the retail price for most macbooks.

    Still aiming at a 2-in-1 on black friday....

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    Quote Originally Posted by sydsam
    good points - but...I don't find 'restaurant' food cheap in Hong Kong (well not where I eat as I don't nosh at Cafe De Coral. The local restaurants tend to be the same price as local joints oversees - ie $7-12 USD per dish) - if you look for deals in USA/Australia, phones can be quite cheap these days but not as cheap as grey imports from China and general household items are much cheaper outside of HK - hence why people are buying so much stuff off Amazon.

    Transport is very cheap in HK and Alcohol...and no tipping of course saves a lot of cash!

    Clothes absolutely not cheaper for me in HK especially the brands I buy (same shirt in HK was $220 USD that I paid $90 USD). I find that retail here don't really have great sales and alot of items are full RRP, whereas overseas there are heavy discounts to get items moving off the shelves....can't comment on Laptops as haven't bought one for 6+ years.
    I'm not a billionaire like yourself! Most I've ever spent on a shirt is about 30 gbp! You can get some clearance deals here in Sears, Macy's, JCP and kohl's that will be cheaper than mid range stuff in G2000 but the equivalent fair in Uniqlo, H&M and F21 are much cheaper in hk.

    Phone deals here you can be tied down to a tariff and over the course of 2 years the phone is basically free... Same like uk. In hk they don't do handset and airtime... You have to buy everything separately so it might be more expensive in hk if you include the 2 years of data plan. But for unlocked handsets hk is way cheaper.

    I have not found any restaurants serving a dish for less than 15 usd here! In hk you get dished in restaurants for about 80 hkd. A sandwich is basically 7 usd. Food definitely cheaper in hk.
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