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Using an Internet Consultant ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GreenCatalonia:
    Interesting summary on :


    There's no use case for faster wifi connections. Sure, business/corporate users with dozens or hundreds of people connecting to a single AP could benefit from this, but faster speeds do nothing for home users.
    There's plenty of uses cases, that doesnt mean that everyone needs fast internet, but those that do need it, know why there need it.

    At home I have I-cable 200mb/s (120mb actual) plus some TV that I've never yet watched for $136. In my rental place I've just got PCCW 1000mb's (550 mb/s actual) for $152.

    I like the speed of PCCW better in practice, but I don't lose any sleep over my speedy enough I-cable.

    Speed is coming down in price fast (pun intended) as 5G looms.

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    Quote Originally Posted by silverframe202:
    Hi All,

    Our offer on an apartment was just accepted and this will be my husband and my first place in HK. Our agent provided us the contact information of a 3rd party internet salesperson. Is this common practice here ? Is this the best way to go or should we go directly through the internet provider?

    Thanks in advance !
    By 3rd party i assume its an agent that works for the service provider, there are plenty of them hanging around on bridges, outside shopping centers, outside mtr exits of big stations. Most of them can provide better deals than by going directly to the service provider, well thats our experience.

    try both, see who is cheaper.

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    To be honest , I’m not too sure. The card that was provided to us via our agent says internet and mobile network solutions with a gmail address.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sage:
    The person is likely a provider. But if not avoid like the plague.

    There are only 3 providers

    Call each, see who provides to your building and get the est deal
    I just signed yesterday with HKT/PCCW for 3 yrs (can be transferred to another address for $250 - if available in that building) for an average of $152 per month

    That’s for 1000m/s fibre (bought my own high speed router rather than renting one at $50 per month)

    Call/WhatsApp Kelvin: met him in Central.

    5322 2960
    I'm with Smartone.

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