I'm not sure what is going on with my calendar, and this is a complicated question so I cannot google an answer.... so if anyone has any clue i would appreciate it.

Someone sends me a calendar invite, usually to my work email address which is hosted by BlueHost and I have not figured out how to make that calendar work. They copy a bunch of other people i don't know.

So I accept the calendar invite and choose my gmail address "events" calendar to display it.

Then later i get all these replies from all these OTHER people on the invite (who I don't know, and never sent anything to) coming to my gmail address (not the original email which was in the original invitation).

Is gmail sending something out to everyone else copied on the original invite? Is this some kind of "feature" I don't know how to turn off?

Anyone any clue? I am worried I am accidentally sending calendar invites to people through some quirk in my setup!.....