Recommendations for home broadband for my use case

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    Recommendations for home broadband for my use case

    Does anyone have any recommendations for my use case? I mainly use the internet for streaming but ideally don't want to stinge on a data cap.

    Yes I'm aware that taking over someone else's contract is an option, it's one I'm considering.

    Anyone recommend any options for say a 12 month contract or a month-to-month contract?

    And for those 5G plans, they're not bound by address right? So potentially I could sign up for 24 months and take it with me if I move.

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    Just came across a 5G plan from HK BN below. Offers 2 free changes of address during the 24 months contract term.

    Does any one have experience using this service? Is the Oppo 5G router good? Seems to be cheaper than 5g routers you can buy from Linksys/Netgear from Fortress.

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    icable 1gbit Fiber is around $88/month unlimited.