Anyone used home 5G broadband?

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    Anyone used home 5G broadband?

    Hi, my first post here.
    Its my first job in Hong Kong, so I don't earn that much and moved into a divided flat.
    It doesn't support fiber line (landline), and the wi-fi is horribly slow, so the only option I have is 5G broadband.
    I am currently trying out the 7 day trial at smartone, and honestly I feel it is too slow.

    I searched up on Google, and it seems like CMHK and 3 also has 5G broadband.
    Can anyone with experience with CMHK or 3 5G broadband leave some reviews?

    If anyone has tried all three, could you leave some comparison review?
    If Smartone 5G broadband is faster than those other two, no reason for me to change.. so..

    Thanks in advance

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    I tried Smartone 5G Broadband and as you said it is slow.
    It's 5G on the nutshell but the reality is slow... especially after you meet the FUP threshold.
    I think during busy time (dinnertime) if one device is watching 1080p video, other person cannot without buffering.

    Luckily Smartone started supporting 1Gbps in my building recently.
    Originally only had 8Mbps offer from PCCW so was forced to go to Smartone 5G broadband.

    I negotiated with Smartone to sign me up for 30 months 1Gbps offer without having to pay for 5G Broadband penalty (at just 168/month... up from 148 for 5G broadband), and this is the best decision I have ever made.

    Unfortunately I cannot share CMHK or 3 5G broadband experience

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    Thanks fr your review!