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New Computer Build - a local computer centre or online?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jgl:
    Not that OP will use them, but don't buy from Newegg. Used to be a fantastic company, then got bought out by a Chinese company and are now unsurprisingly a bit horrible.
    No, I was mostly suggesting just to use their online tools- or any other similar website- and then have a better idea of what to buy when heading off to a local shop...unless OP already is certain what he wants...

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    Quote Originally Posted by vmlinuz:
    People still run Windows?
    People still run anything other than Windows?

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    At the end of last year my 12+ year old Dell Desktop "died" just kept Beeping !!

    I didn't immediately switch to my Lenovo X1 Carbon laptop, but bumbled off to the Wanchai Computer Centre to see what they could provide:

    There's plenty of shops there with colourful A4 sheets describing in great detail what you'd be getting for your money when you purchased a Desktop from "them."..............

    There was NO mention of a supplied Operating System with the installation, as I recall and that rather put me off, AND each shop "Contracts Out" the construction of the "new" Desktop - so you don't ever know who put it together!

    So: if the shop you purchased it from "turns up it's toes" - BANG goes any "warranty" claims. that you might have made against that shop.

    Thus, if one decides to get a locally assembled Desktop, make sure that the shop has been around for a looong time -- and note well that [once] Golden Centre in SSpo was my "Mecca" and looong ago there were many shops ready to sell HK constructed (OR maybe created in Shumchun) but nowadays most shops there and in other outlets have only Laptops for sale.

    (Hint) It's been the route of the future for many years now.... and I now use my laptop all the time & the only regret is that I still have the stereo amplifier that once sat in my tower case and the speakers on the wall are being wasted.

    My only audio compensation is that I *DO* love the fidelity of my X1 Carbon's built in playback.

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    jgl is right, forget the raid unless you are running an independent file server/nas, and even then you better have UPS else you have a chance of corrupt. So might be better off just doing cloud if your hard disk is small

    I buy from SSP all the time, some of the small shops are quite reliable. I've used the same guy over the last 10 years. Centrafield and foresoon are ok as far as I know. you can always talk to the small shops and they will recommend a system, you take note of their parts and what works with what. Also ask if you want to switch in XXX into the system if it will work. then you have a rough idea what you want to get.

    For the record I don't recommend buying high end system, all my rigs are around 3-4k and it really depends on what you use it for. Even gaming you don't need a high graphics etc unless you have huge multiple monitor setup and you play mostly FPS. However, I do recommend changing the system every 3-5 years just like your phone. You won't use a 10 year old iPhone and the same should apply to PC. The difference between a low and high end system is the few seconds longer boot/run time, if thats critical to what you are doing then yes go for the high end stuff, most of the time everyone just use it for browsing etc and non timing critical games that works perfectly well on low end system. Prob use the money save for an external NAS that could give you the peace of mind on your data

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    I can also recommend Centralfield. I prefer assembling PC myself, and I've been running around HK for better deals during mid 2021 when prices on GPU were exorbitant. Finally realized that Centralfield got everything I want +/- adequate and can also bargain with them a bit if purchasing many componenets together. Got myself i5-11400 + B560-i strix + 16Gb RAM + ITX case + SFX power + cooling etc around 5k HKD + another 5k for XFX 6700 XT QICK. Was a pretty good deal back then...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Javatar:
    PC's specs will probably not be too different from my current set up, which will be roughly:

    i7 or i9 CPU - will look at what's available now re hyperthreading and all that

    32 or 64GB RAM

    GPU: Almost-but-not-quite top of the range

    1tb SSD and around 4tb hard drive, arranged in RAID

    PSU: enough to power the above.

    Any thoughts on whether I should go Windows 11 or Windows 10?

    I already have other tidbits including monitor.
    Just few of points of information about timing from my end:
    - AMD announced their latest platform just recently, slated for launch by end of this month. It is claimed to be significant upgrade from what they offer now - it costs bit higher though !
    - For GPUs, both Nvidia and AMD are due for releasing their next gen (2 year cycle) in month or so.
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