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5G broadband coverage and experience

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    Question 5G broadband coverage and experience

    hi all,

    Did anyone try out the 5G broadband offerings from providers like Three, Smartone or HKBN? Any experience to share what kind of speeds you are getting typically and any significant drops seen after reaching the fair usage limits imposed by these providers?

    I am exploring this as a way to get internet access without the hassle of arranging for installation each time we have to move to a different place. Any experiences to share? Thanks.

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    I have two 5G services. (I live on a boat, can't get anything else). Honestly, I cannot tell the difference between these two and my two 4G services (yep, I have a LOT of services, just in case one doesn't work and I need to do an important call etc!). My location is Gold Coast though, and I understand 5G is highly location specific.

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    No one knows where you live so even if some one says their service is brilliant, it means diddly squat as again they could be living in the heart of Tsim Sha Tsui where you could be living in say Kam Tin rurual area for all we know LOL

    Best to check this to see if the coverage is within your area.

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    Apologies - How about in Tung Chung & HKIA areas which is where I would be using this.

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    Would advice against HKBN 5G. They are MVNO using 3HK network and have lesser priority over the 3HK subscribers. I am using the above and its super slow inside residential areas and at peak timings , but acceptable coverage outside and non peak timings.

    HKBN may also offer 5G MVNO using Smartone or China Mobile HK network, which i haven't used and have no comments.

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    Different experience with HKBN... never goes below 90mbps and truly unlimited. I'm Southside.

    A few drop outs... I'd say on average if working from home I get 1-3 zoom call drops or TV streaming interruptions in a day. Annoying but manageable... it might actually be the router since it is an Oppo thing which doesn't even have the option for firmware updates.

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    Typically high density populated areas will have the best reception.

    Invite some friends to your place and see who has the best mobile reception.

    I’ve tried Smartone, 3 and CSL. Smartone and 3 were goo. CSL kept dropping.

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    I use 3 in Kowloon, 500 down and about 100 up.

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    I m using 1010 and in general the download speed is quite good but it may vary depending on your location.

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    The providers I asked offer a 7 day worry free trial. If you're seriously considering one, why not try signing up to you to try?