Netvigator LAN and wireless difficulty

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    Netvigator LAN and wireless difficulty

    Hi PCCW support don't seem to understand my two problems

    Has anyone else got some advice on what I should tell them

    1) I can't connect to the LAN cable and get the internet to work. The LAN connection says its connected at 100Mbs but when I try and run internet explorer or firefox I can't connect to any websites.
    As this is a work laptop I suspect it is my network adminstrator fiewall or proxy settings. What do I need to set these at or do I need to talk to my network adminstrator to resolve this?

    2) the reason I am trying to use the LAN cables is because the wireless is terribly slow and it keeps dropping out and requiring me to reset the wireless IP address by repairing the connection. The whole time it says my wireles signal is excellent

    PCCW just tell me to try and turn off the modem which does work but usually only lasts another 15-30min befoe it drops out again, the whole time running very slow.

    Anyone had simlar issues?

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    Normally with Netvigator you need a PPPoE login to actually get to the Internet. This leads me to suspect you are using a neighbours WiFi connection instead?

    Login window example:

    NETVIGATOR Easy Login !