Port Forwarding at Serviced Apartments

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    Port Forwarding at Serviced Apartments

    Hi, I'm new to HK and I'm currently looking for a place to live. The reason I'm in HK is that my wife's job moved here and my job can be done anywhere as long as I have a good internet connection and can forward a few specific ports.

    My question is, does anybody know how broadband works in serviced apartments; do you just get a socket on the wall that supplies the lovely internet or does each apartment have some kind of modem/router that I can port forward at will? Or do I have to tell my lovely wife that we can live anywhere except for a serviced apartment

    I would be very happy to hear from people that have first hand experiences from any of the following residences Laguna Verde, Royal Peninsula, HarbourFront Horizon, Metropolis Residence.

    Big thanks in advance for any info.

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    Just to bump your thread for a right reply.

    I live in a non-serviced apartment - Grand Waterfront - where they supply free internet. However, it doesn't stop you from calling up the same folks - PCCW- that will give you a land line telephone and adding in internet services.

    I can't see why you could not in a serviced apartment either order a phone or the internet just like in any rental flat or home.