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    Net Books

    Hey Guys,

    Any one have any recommendations on a good Net Book?

    Where is the best place to purchase?



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    I'll copy this from elsewhere:

    Which netbook is the best?
    * Samsung NC10
    * Dell Inspiron Mini 9
    * MSI Wind U100
    * Acer Aspire One
    * Asus Eee PC

    Which netbook is the best value?
    * Asus Eee PC 1000HE
    * 10.1" Acer Aspire One
    * Normally Acer Aspire Ones, but Lenovo S10s and Dell Mini 9s can be had for good discounts if you are patient

    Which netbook to buy for mom/dad/sister/grandparents?
    * Windows XP with a 10" display and a 6-cell battery.

    The Dell Mini Inspiron 9's keyboard
    * Some don't like the Dell Mini Inspiron 9 because Dell removed the Function key row. Given how cramped other keyboards are, you can make the case that almost every keyboard is going to have issues.

    Which netbook(s) has the best keyboard?
    * MSI Wind U100, Samsung NC10, Lenovo S10, Acer Aspire One

    Which netbook(s) has the worst keyboards
    * MSI Wind (UK version) has large L-shaped Enter key.

    Which netbook(s) have trackpoints/sticks instead of touchpads
    * Sony VAIO P (if you want to call it a netbook)

    Which netbook has the longest battery life
    * Alternative: Laptop Magazine's 10" Netbook Battery Shootout

    Which netbooks play 720p H.264
    * 1.6GHz Atoms with XP, MPC, CoreAVC
    * Nvidia's upcoming Ion will play 1080p
    * More on it - NVIDIA Ion page at

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    >> Where is the best place to purchase?

    Take a look at its in chinese .. but easy enough to use and figure out where the best prices are.

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    Hong Kong

    for rough idea on price have a look at and then hit the computer centres in wanchai and SSP.