HELP!!! I need an internet service provider....

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    Exclamation HELP!!! I need an internet service provider....

    that isnt PCCW.

    I just got a top of the line computer...




    What'sa madder?

    Weeeellllll, the last time (3 years ago) I had broadband, I used Netvigator. No problem, sometimes poor service, but all in all, no problem. But when I moved house from a very big one to a very tiny one, and I downsized all zen stylee...I sold the computer to someone nice along with ALL this other stuff that I couldnt move with me (no space). With that, went the modem. So then PCCW, whom I already ran my contract with, wanted the modem back (one I had already given them a 1K "deposit" to use...which by the way was non refundable!) and I told them I didnt have it...they then had the nerve to tell me they wanted 1.5K for the modem!!!

    My answer?

    No, no, no...go to hell! That thing should cost $300 bucks tops! LMA!

    So.....after a year of receiving letters begging me to pay the bill, they stopped.

    My dilema now?

    I need internet, and I need it bad...I want broadband but I dont want to use PCCW. Any helpful suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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    You may be interested in Pacific Supernet I used them until last year when I wanted to get digital tv.

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    So what does the 1.5M*, 3M* or the 6M* mean????

    Is that to do with the kinda computer you have? and whats with the DIY and the full service?

    Oh Shitake Mushrooms!!! It all sounds so....computerish!

    And can I only apply only online? Is there a place other than Kowloon Bay where I can go see some human and get him/her to help me?


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    I can't believe you bought a "top of the line computer" and don't understand the terminology ... Here goes your free lesson:
    1.5M should be written 1.5Mbps meaning 1.5 Mega bis per second. It is the download speed of your connection to your internet service provider (ISP) i.e. the speed at which data will be delivered to you from your ISP. Note that this is a maximum and conditions out of your control will reduce this maximum.
    Similarly for 3M and 6M. The faster the download speed the more you can expect to pay.
    DIY means Do It Yourself and refers to the installation of the ADSL modem, cables and software. The ISP will post the stuff to you or courier it to your door and you are responsible to set it up.

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    So I take it you would recommend the 6M and the No Do it yourself for me? haha...

    To be super honest, I didnt buy this computer, my man bought it for me as a b-day prezzie as he wants me to start writing again...(a hobby that will one day make me as rich as that harry potter woman, or at least keep me busy for a while!) so he said it was a blah blah blah...can burn cd's and what not...only thing it cant do is burn DVD's, it does everything else...hmmm...pentium blah blah...i dunno man :S

    I mean, how bad is the 3M? I dont really use the internet much when at home...all I would expect to use is MSN messanger, SKYpe (0nce I figure out that THAT is!) and mmm, thats it...

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    Hey there, yep go with any of the offered speeds - they all suit your requirements. The broadband speeds in the U.K. are laughably slow starting at 0.25Mbps. I got an excellent service from Pacific Supernet. And sounds like NO DIY is what YOU need ha! ha! ha!

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    So what you are saying is the 1.5M (which I know now doesnt mean "months" or how fancy my computer is, domo arigato, haha) is its faster than the normal 56K dial up, yes? Good...does this make a difference for downloading music? Would a 3M be faster at downloading music?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Justin Credible:
    So what you are saying is the 1.5M ... is fine... Would a 3M be faster at downloading music?
    Now you're taking the p**s

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    does that mean...yes?

    Dude, I am not kidding here...I use the computer at work...for just about everything except private mail. I dont play computer games...I dont know how to. I down know how to upload anything (I do know how to download music as my surrogate son who is 11, taught me how) other than that...I havent a clue!

    Please, dont laugh...ok....laugh, but not too loud! ok, you can stop now!

    But really...all I will use my computer is for:

    Writing a novel (Word?)
    Checking my mail
    Checking my horoscope
    Downloading music
    MSN messanger

    No surfing porn, no ICQ, no online or offline gaming.

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    All of the above will be good to go with a 1.5Mbps line. Pacifics Supernet's lines are good as it their trunk connection with the internet gateway.
    Music files are small in comparison to video and are easily handled by the 1.5Mbps line.
    OK here I go ha! ha! ha!

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