Dareglobal DB180 connection questions

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    Question Dareglobal DB180 connection questions

    I subscribe to PCCW Netvigator ADSL service as well as NOW TV. A Dareglobal DB180 was provided to me free of charge at the time of the installation. This device has four RJ-45 female connector on it. One of which is used by NOW TV and another is connected to my computer with two free ports left. I was told that I can connect two more computers to it if necessary.

    My questions are:
    Is the DB180 A DSL modem or is it a modem/router combination? I expect that it is a modem/router combination cause it can to connected to more than one Ethernet devices.
    If I want to connect another Ethernet device (Skype phone) to the DB180 , what network setting should I use? Is it DHCP, static IP address, or PPP. The Skype phone default network setting is DHCP and it doesn't seem to work. The IP address shows If it is static IP address, what is the address range? I saw some info on the net mention and up. Is this correct. At last, if it is PPP, what is the login user ID and password?

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    Should be PPP, try your netvigator email address as the username, and the corresponding password. I did this to connect my 360.