Centralizing windows update.

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    Centralizing windows update.

    I need to keep a couple of machines todate with MS updates which are not not linked to the internet. These machines can talk to machines that are connected to the internet.

    Does microsoft provide a centralized update server/proxy to manage workstations and crap?

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    Just use a regular proxy, WSUS is slight overkill.

    This one looks interesting:

    3proxy tiny free proxy server for Windows, Linux, Unix: SOCKS, HTTP, FTP proxy

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    Quote Originally Posted by HongKongFoot:
    Microsoft does not provide a free service for patching and upgrades.
    isn't WSUS free ? went to a few MS presentations, tested it but never really serious consider WSUS. It'll cost you a server license though.

    If the boxes do not have web visibility, there really is no need to patch them.
    Respectfully disagree. IT security have moved beyond securing perimeters and border security. Most security "incidents" point of entries are pushed to the user's edge. Think web apps, acrobat reader, browsers, flash...etc. Patching only your gateway, servers or OS alone is no longer effective security management, hasn't been for a while.

    oops, almost forgot. People are working on opensource wsus

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