Best Data Recovery in Hong Kong?

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    Best Data Recovery in Hong Kong?


    I have a macBook Pro, which failed on me after being dropped from the table. Initially, right after falling to the gound, the computer worked fine, but then later on, as I put it to sleep, the machine would not wake up and it officially failed on me. I took it to CASE, the official apple repair place for those with Apple Care, with which they told me that it's the problem with the harddisk, and that the data's probably gone. They offered a data recovery service for my harddisk ( of course at an extra cost), and I chose to use their service.

    So after 12 days of holding up my laptop, they wrote to me saying that they were unsuccessful in recovering the data!! They suggested me to go out to seek another place to do data recovery -- which comes to my question: Are there any recommendations for a data recovery place in HK? Anyone had any good experience with any data recovery place? My harddisk is not that damaged, and shouldn't be that hard to be recovered. Any suggestion is appreciated!

    (btw I'll be leaving HK in 3 days.........dunno if any data recovery place can recover data that fast?)

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    Data recovery is bit time consuming if the damage is bit extensive.
    The hard disk manufacturers have data recovery service,,but usually too expensive.

    You can try
    Data Recovery Hong Kong | Secure hard drive data recovery | Emergency data recovery at MicronDR
    Xander International (HK) Ltd

    Normally they give u quote for the HD size not for the size of data they recover..For 500 GB the centralfield gave 5000 HKD.

    You can call them and ask for quote!!

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    firstly dont try to use your macbook as this can make it worse.

    ive had good experience with kroll ontrack for several macbooks. they have offices worldwide so you dont need to rush and get it done in hong kong. generally it takes over a week and $5,000 up and more if you want faster service.

    they give you a lacie external drive with the recovered data. i like this because afterwards you have a storage location for time machine backups to avoid losing valuable data again.

    Data Recovery in Asia/Pacific - Data Recovery Labs and Cleanrooms - Kroll Ontrack

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    403 - Good if you remove the CrApple HD and run externally. YMMV

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    Quote Originally Posted by GreenCatalonia - Good if you remove the CrApple HD and run externally. YMMV
    3 years too late