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I-cable broadband and ADSL wireless router

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    likely results from my consultative committees service and my spouse being a tertiary lecturer, among other responsibilities frankly the tv is for houseguests actually I enjoy hk daily life and there have been improvements over past 31yrs but too many memorable old building & "corners" pulled down

    inow gateway of pokfulam fibre trunk hk island backbone will be upgraded - thank mr ocean park for his word in ear of pccw this added weight to talks by myself & others over last 2 yrs

    mea culpa

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    You are one of the finest bullshit artist I've seen for a long time.

    Upograding capacity to Pokfulam should be childs play....

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrMoo:
    Access points and WiFi routers with routing disabled are technically wireless hubs.

    Hubs aren't necessarily outdated either, they're incredibly useful for hot standby failover.
    Hubs are still used in HK? No wonder why networks in HK are so rampant with bandwith bottle-necking.
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