Dell Monitors

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    Dell Monitors

    I just saw the new Dell 30" Monitor @$15400. Are Dell monitors reliable. Have heard some horror stories about their Laptop screens dying in a few months.
    Also is it worth buying a new monitor now or is it better to wait until the new windows is out next year. I heard something today about HDTV support with the new windows and that the new generation of monitors would be HDTV ready.


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    The Dell 19 inch monitors are made by Samsung. I can't help you with the larger sizes. You could consider the full warranty.

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    Jared - wait and watch. I would not invest in any computer hardware for the next couple of months till the CES influenced hype dies down and reality hits the markets. Also, there will be some pretty decent technology changes in CPUs and related gear over the next quarter or so, if any of the press releases I come across daily, are to be belived.

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    There was (finishes tonight) a huge amount of street-side stalls OUTSIDE the perimeter of Golden Computer Centre in Shamshuipo.

    I was "visiting" Aplui Street & went across towards Golden and discovered this street show. There were many makes of LCD screens on display

    I've been interested in "expanding my LCD screen to greater than 17" which I've had for a long time- but only to discover that there appears to be little advantage in paying out around about HK$1990 since the pixel count would stay the same, i.e. 1280 by 1024 for both 17" *&* 19" LCD screens. That means that I couldn't open and make viewable any more windows in 19" as I can in 17".

    Needless to say, the "Burning a hole in my pocket" money $tayed exactly where it was - in my wallet.
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    My only experience is a Dell 200FP 21" 1600x1200 LCD I bought about 4 years ago. Still going strong, not a dodgy pixel in sight. Best (least regretted) computer-related purchase I ever made, which is just as well since at the time it cost twice as much as the PC it's connected to.

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    yes, they are OEM products.
    why don't you just buy directly from the original brand, such as Philips, LG, or Samsung