Just a quesiton for those with experience in these two machines...

I'm looking to upgrade my iBook G4 to something (anything!) that handles internet and web-browsing faster than my poor old iBook. it is weird because it still handles photoshop CS3 fairly well even on 50MB+ TIF files, yet it gives me that cute little coloured wheelie thingy for almost anything on the web, and even typing emails there is a huge lag b/w typing and appearing on the screen.

I'm not a gamer, so the graphics is not an issue. the FSB and RAM speed is an issue for photoshop. I understand the mini has a slow HDD, however i do have faster and larger external HDD, plus firewire options.

The display is not a selling point - ie if i get the mini i will likely get an IPS display at some stage down the road which will eventually even the cost of the packages out a bit - i currently have displays i can use and keyboards, mouse etc...

I guess my question is, is there a noticeable difference b/w the iMac and the mini when using everyday stuff - skype, firefox etc as well as photoshop CS3 +/- noise ninja etc? i am frankly sick to death of slow systems on top of shitty internet speeds, as the combination is truly isolating when the family is still in Oz.

what webcams are people using for skype etc on the mini? it has been years since my old mac was up to skype speeds. i know the iMac has an inbuilt one, so do the apple displays... that's not the question

I wont be using bootcamp or parallels and i'm not interested in a windows based solution at all (many reasons, one is my CS3 is mac based, the other reasons are the reasons i went mac in the first place, though i DO still have an XP based netbook... running on linux )

thanks for any advice