Cisco IP Phones

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    Cisco IP Phones

    hello there,

    we're looking at moving away from our crappy PCCW provided Panasonic phone system and upgrading to one of those Cisco IP phone systems.

    does anyone know of any company that can advise and help install such a system for an SME?


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    Ask Cisco they have a list of local partners, one on show at the recent SMB day.

    Cannot recall the name though, every telco will have IP phones as they are 3x+ more expensive.

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    I am reviewing a few different proposals at the moment for my company to do something similar. The most attractive proposal at the moment is for us to rent the service for HK$14,221 per month.

    This service includes an Alcatel system with 100 phones (incl 1 operator), IDAP X 2 (with 46 voice channels), efax service x 100 (fax to email), voice mail 4 ports (200 hours), simultaneous ring for 5 users, 4 port analog port for voice gateway (which I am led to believe is the magic ingredient which allows us to connect offices together and have free calls between offices).

    This is through PCCW and the service/plan is called "One Communication".

    Another quote I have is about HK$120,000 to buy an NEC SV8100 system. But the company has only quoted me 30 handsets and I need about 100. This is from a company called Tact Technology. TACT Homepage. I dont vouch for them in any way and not sure how my staff found this company, I just happen to have one of their proposals in front of me now and I am having a read through it.