UK Blackberry in Hong Kong

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    UK Blackberry in Hong Kong

    Hi, I recently moved to Hong Kong and brought my unlocked Blackberry with me. Does anyone know if I will be able to buy a prepaid sim card for a blackberry and whether the BBpin messaging service will work? Which one is the best service provider in your opinion? thanks!

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    Hong Kong

    Blackberry plans are generally expensive.

    However China Mobile does offer a reasonable price blackberry plan if you just want it for email and using hte BIS service.

    Do a quick internet search and you should get your answer on cost.

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    BBM requires your Blackberry to be on internet and so you would require to sign up a plan with unlimited internet, therefore a prepaid sim card will not work. But from my experience, blackberry plans are just way not worth it as it is ridiculously expensive, and I think only one or two provider does it but I can't remember which one.

    Tbh just forget about BBM while in hk!