Any CDMA provider in Hong Kong

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    Any CDMA provider in Hong Kong

    I'm coming to HK in two weeks from the US. Want to know if I can use my Verizon cell phone, which is a CDMA phone, in Hong Kong? As far as I know, HK seems to be a territory of GSM.

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    Yes - PCCW has a CDMA2000 network. It is marketed only in a very low key way in HK, but as I understand it it is available for inbound CDMA roamers.

    PCCW mobile
    OFTA - Press Release

    The obvious place to look though is the Verizon mobile site: Calling From Hong Kong

    Note that your handset needs to be EVDO capable:

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    I will be moving to Hong Kong soon and am curious if I can use my Verizon phone on a plan there.

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    Is it a CDMA2000 phone or a GSM/3G/4G phone?