Hi Folks,

I went into a three telecom shop today and they told me about a 3G unlimited data download package for 298 hong kong dollars a month.

three.com.hk 3G 香港

That sounds good to me. I then showed the guy at the desk the Huawei E5 device I bought and used with my ITouchs to access the internet in China. It worked grand there. Basically, the Huawei E5 device transforms a 3G signal into a wifi signal that can be picked up with my iTouch.

Anyway, the man at the counter wasn't sure if I'd be able to use the 298HK dollar SIM card with it because he was concerned that it might be locked.

In China, I bought the Huawei E5 separate from the SIM card which includes data download.  The SIM card I bought in China which was for China Unicom.

Anyway, might there be a problem? I don't want to waste 298HK dollars on a data SIM card for my Huawei E5 if it isn't going to work.