Hands on the Nokia E7

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    Hands on the Nokia E7

    The physical device is great, can sms using the front screen or the keyboard. It has a few buttons which you can configure to do different things. The keyboard is best keyboard I've seen on a phone, though it is aligned a bit to the left as you have cursor/arrow keys on the right hand of the keyboard.

    The main button on the phone brings you the main menu or the task manager so you can switch between programs (Woo Hoo)... well like all Symbian phones... still it is very easy to access whether you have the keyboard open or not.

    I like the keyboard and the fact that you can place it down like a laptop and have video calls without having to hold the phone. Can watch videos or streaming without having to hold it. Can program it to auto launch "compose new sms" or what other apps when you flip the keyboard out.

    The software collection, the phone is packed with software, more stuff than what I see on most iPhone owners. WhatApp, angry birds, mapping etc... One thing I liked was the read me my messages which will read your sms and emails to you say when you are driving. I think there is a lot to the phone without the 3rd party software.

    The UI is fast, the screen is pretty sensitive but not as good as scrolling as the iPhone but better than maybe all Android phones I've seen/used. Given where Symbian originates from the evolution direction they took is good... anyway that is history now (as nokia has gone WinM7).

    The LED display is very good, maybe better than the iPhone... camera great, video reproduction is brilliant and you can output the HDMI....

    I wonder if the internal email/messaging is still crap and whether it can take thousands of messages without slowing or screwing the whole phone up.. You now have iPhone style conversations on sms.

    The friend I was with made the E7 crash in 10 minutes... just by playing with it. As I said, wait for it be cheaper and for the firmware to be updated if you fancy buy the last Symbian phone. I like it but I want to play with it in the shop before I buy one and will also wait to see that Nokia is committed to releasing bug fixes.

    It would be amazing if it ran Meego... but no one at Nokia thought about that.

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    my last nokia was the N97, worst phone i ever bought.

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    Thanks for the review. i was very keen to buy one until i saw the price. because it costs more than my wifes laptop and she would go nuts if she knew.

    All the new Nokias are really aimed at existing users..i have never met anyone, who hasn't used Symbian throughly, to take a liking to the new Nokia range with Symbian 3 OS. My wife has used Nokia's for over 10 years but she still doesn't really understand all the menu's etc....she is a born iphone user IMO...

    There always seems to be problems with the newest batches of Nokia phones. So i will take your advice and wait till firmware is able to stabilise it before reconsidering.

    I am now also considering Desire Z and the Milestone 2. And I am very keen to see the Sonyericsson Xpreria Pro which comes out in June apparently. I reckon this will solve the QWERTY android users needs.

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    Is that the phone Chung Yuen have on display with HDMI connected to a big TV? I don't think they could manage a worse advert, every video they have on show stutters every 5-10 seconds.