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    Quote Originally Posted by goleoboy:
    So what is the best unlimited data plan / service in HK? Is it all by megabit usage or can we sign up for unlimited? How is PCCW?
    I used PEOPLES prepaid SIM card.

    For unlimited GPRS it cost HKD 138/month. Since everytime I top up HKD300 will get HKD400 top up value. The actual pay was HKD103.50/month.
    (per usage pay was HKD0.04/kB. If I didn't used unlimited, it will cost me HKD24000/month for my monthly usage)

    No any other cost involved. But you know, GPRS was slow compare with broadband.

    I used seperated SIM & mobile for my call phone and data service. Because if used one SIM, while you are download/send data, the others people can't reach you.
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    Is it true that there is a Free Wirless internet for everybody in Hong Kong???? a friend of mine visiting hong kong and told me this, he said it was somethign like Hong Kong City Web... Does it really exist?? relliable? In that case an I phone cna be on a diffrent plan an not 24/7 online plan, being there is always a wireless around

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    Not ubiquitously, no. The nearest thing would be the Government WiFi programme through which free wifi is (or will be) made available at all major Government premises (libraries, government departments, museums, town halls, sports venues, ferry terminals, etc).

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    PDLM Thanks! I think im more interested in buying and Iphone... Ive been told that Hong Kong sells them unblocked.. meaning if I travel to any country I can just change the carrier SIM card, and it will work? is this true? (this would be good me being from mexico)

    Any tips on where to buy and Iphone as soon as I get to HK and what plan?

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