Can I use my Hong Kong iPhone in the United States ?

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    Can I use my Hong Kong iPhone in the United States ?

    I have an iPhone I purchased here in HK but was laid off from my job and will be returning to the states. Can I get a new sim card in the U.S. and use it in my phone? I have heard that iphones in the U.S. are locked.

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    Yes it will work.

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    If you can find a pay-as-you go plan for your iPhone then yes. Your phone from Hong Kong is unlocked and you can buy a sim card over there.

    However, AT&T generally does not allow pay as you go SIMS for iPhones. Their system won't let you register it. I was able to do it by giving them another phone's ID number and then physically cutting the SIM card and configuring the data bits while on a wifi, but it can be tricky.

    T-Mobile will sell you a card, but it's not 3G last I checked.

    Take a look at the Pre Paid Data SIM wiki for more information

    USA - Pay as you go sim with data Wiki