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2nd hand mobile

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    Cool 2nd hand mobile

    do you know any shops that buys 2nd hands product and offers good price??
    i want to sell my galaxy note and how much do i get??
    i have been using since 2 months

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    Sincere Center, Argyle Street, Mongkok. Be-all, end-all of used and grey-market mobile phones. Just walk around and see if they are buying. If you have the box, instructions, etc you will get more.

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    yahoo auction normally offers market driven prices, most likely better than any shop, i believe that that the price may only be low as HK$3700 based on auction price ( highest price with actual bids)

    especially you can get as a low as HK$4200 new and note 2 is about the released.

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    If you want to sell quickly, approach any one of the guys sitting on street corners in CWB, Central with placards advertising phones as they are 2nd hand traders.

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    Quote Original Post:
    yahoo auction normally offers market driven prices, most likely better than any shop,
    Sure. The shop has to resell it fast and still likes a few 100 profit. And who knows next weeks price anyway.

    I would do the Yahoo thing! (to sign up may need a Chinese reader though)

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    Why not just sell it here on Geoexpat using the ad service here?

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    When buying and selling phones, I've found the following avenues:

    - Classifieds (Asia, Geo, Gumtree, Craigslist)
    - Posting on Twitter / Facebook
    - Yahoo auctions
    - Selling to man on street (with the boards)
    - Phone shop (Wanchai / Sin Tat)

    The above list is based on success rate in terms of price.

    I would say the easiest and quickest way would be to sell on to those dudes on the street or to a phone shop. Quick and easy, but you probably won't be able to sell your accessories.

    Selling via the classifieds will probably get you a bit more money, but less of a market (limiting yourself to English speaking people). There is a bit more of a hassle factor involved in terms of having to deal with various people and negotiating price. However, you can get rid of all the extras you bought with the phone as well.

    Yahoo auctions is also quite good, and you get a bigger market. But its in Chinese, so can be hard to navigate.

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    There are a number of stores just off Argyle St in Mongkok. Mobile market bought one myself there a while ago.

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