how much is a mobile sim card?

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    how much is a mobile sim card?

    Hi. I am moving to HK soon. wonder if I shall take my mobile with me and get a Sim card from phone shop in HK or get a whole package in HK?

    How much does a Sim card cost in HK? ls it worth getting a package with 12 months line rental instead of a pay as you go so I dont need a fixed land line at home?

    Which network is better in terms of connection and value for money?


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    Sim cards in HK

    Mobile phone services in HK are, for some reason, one of the cheapest in the world. For example, a typical contract may offer you AT LEAST 1,200 minutes talk time a month (Usually plus heart to heart) for around 100 - 150 HK$ a month. Thats 10-15 Euro. Even though you pay to receive calls, its not worth getting a home phone. Also IDD calls are extremely cheap and can be accessed from your mobile. My recomendation is go for the 12 month contract.

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    You may need a fixed line if you intend to send or receive faxes or want to subscribe to cheap IDD calls. Broadband subscriptions may require a land line number too.

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    for short term 7 eleven has prepaid cards i had a sunday card for $68 and it had 388 minutes and sms international $2 each.

    for long term its more economical to go on a plan. ive gone on peoples network for $50 per month which gives 550 minutes local per month, $1.50 sms international, 20 minutes international per month. can disconnect at anytime and over 550 minutes is only $0.02 per minute.