wii - remote syncing issues

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    Question wii - remote syncing issues

    hi guys

    come in search of help.

    so, have a modded wii. turned on, things seemed to work fine. remote that came with wii was nicely synced up.

    however, now problems. the remote refuses to sync up at all. also bought some new remotes, but no luck with them either. have followed instructions for syncing the remote up, but all i get is the remote lights flashing for about 30 seconds and then turning off.

    have tried removing the power of the wii for ten minutes and rebooting and then the syncing method (red button in battery compartment, and sync button on the wii).

    anyone else had this problem, and any idea of resolution.

    thanks in advance for any help (btw i'm also searching on google, but was wondering if anyone else had same problem on this board)!!

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    If it's not syncing up with the red buttons something is busted, take it in to a shop to check up.