Selling a locked iPhone 4

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    Selling a locked iPhone 4

    A couple of weeks ago I found an iPhone 4 and handed it in to the Wanchai police station. On the reporting form it said if no one claims it in 3 months I could take ownership.

    So I was thinking if in 3 months' time I get back a locked iPhone, what could I do with it? I don't need another phone, are there any legal resellers I could get some cash from? I read on another thread CSL (a shop?) and some places in Mongkok? Do I need to unlock the PIN code and unlock it from its carrier first?

    I looked on a couple websites and to unlock the PIN it apparently you either restore from a computer that has never synced before (my computers already have my backups on there so I'm a bit leery) or get an Apple employee to unlock it and erase the data. But wouldn't it look kinda weird if I turned up with a phone and a police report and asked them to unlock it? Anyone ever done this with a locked iPhone?

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    Locked as in PIN Lock? Just Google DFU mode and plug it into iTunes. But, if it's been updated to ios7 and it's go Find My IPhone on, even if you DFU it, you'll still need the owners apple ID password to activate the phone.

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