Cable customers often get lured by fantastic deals being advertised and promises made. I just want to warn those looking for a cable provider to really question the company and find all the hidden costs. I've used several cable providers over the years in Hong Kong and the one to avoid is I-Cable for the following reasons:
They do not properly address queries and have several times taken excess money from the autopay system when contracts lapse without warning or recourse.
They have charged for channels that I have not subscribed to and refused refunds.
None of their e mail addresses work when you are asked to send a query via e mail, and very few of their operators speak English.
They also don't have any offices anymore, which means you can't go talk them if there is an issue and are instead put through a complicated phone process. They still ask you to fax them, but who has a fax machine nowadays?
They have absolutely no customer service and try to constantly charge you fees and other payments without your knowledge.
Hope this is helpful in your hunt for a good Cable TV and broadband provider.