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New phone time?

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    New phone revealed for 2020.

    I'll take two!
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    No worries, everyone has different budgets and priorities. I do like having top end phones, lol.

    But saying that I don't think HKD3k for a phone these days is top end pricing (and that is what the Samsung S10e will be going for after cashbacks, rebates etc).
    Absolutely. Since the S20's start at 8000 HKD, wow. I am waiting to see what Apple does. It'll be funny if Apple goes cheaper than Samsung or about the same. I like the look of the Ultra camera bump, but 1400 is quite a lot for a smart phone that I'll be doing the same things as on my current phone. Sure it'll look cooler and take better pictures, but who knows. Their main selling point is the 100x zoom, which is useless for me.

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    I am actually shopping for a new phone, for the very good reason that... OK, well, I don't have a reason yet. But I'll find a reason when I see the right phone.

    My budget is HKD 2000-3000, so no fancy schmansy iPhone for me. My thinking:
    - Huawei is straight out. Great phones, terrible company.
    - Xiaomi is my current phone: I have a A2, which has Android One interface. I wouldn't mind upgrading to the A3, except they have somehow chosen to go from a screen 1024 pixels wide to 768. Why?
    - I considered the Samsung A50/A50s/A51/A70. I fell totally in love with the A51, but then I read it has terrible bluetooth problems, and I use both a bluetooth watch and headsets, so that's a dealbreaker
    - I am now considering the Nokia 7.2, which again is an Android One phone. I really appreciate the absence of bloatware, and the price is very decent, AND it has good reviews so far.

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    I'm a Xiaomi fan. The Mi Note 10 (mid range) has 5 camera, one of them a crazy 108mp, crazy 5200mah battery, etc and priced similarly around $3k.

    The flagship Mi 10 is not released yet globally (I think came out in China yesterday). Has all of the above and more such as 5G, 12GB ram, 90hz display, wifi 6 (AX), 66watt WIRELESS charging puts Samsung WIRED quick charge to shame (its more powerful than many laptop chargers), infinity hole punch design, etc. I'm hanging out for this phone I think.

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    Care to expand which Xiamoi?

    Also isn't the UI terrible? What about updates?
    Nobody needs or wants MIUI but it's reasonably OK. For most Mi phones it isn't a choice anyway.

    Have to say, other than the UI, I am pretty happy with the Mi Mix 2s. Seems to be their oldest phone that is still sold now.

    I bought it because it was the cheapest phone around that had: NFC + wireless charging

    Even after 1+ years, it's still lagless fast. Will take a while till I need a new one.

    This said, with cameras getting better and better, on my next buy list I will add RAW. The Huawei Mate 30 video with 7680fps is tempting too.

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