Landline + faster internet basics.

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    Landline + faster internet basics.


    Coming here back in July 2019 it was only supposed to be for a year. Now Europe is going downhill fast it looks like I may well be here for a while.

    First off I live in a village house. I know there are ISP here because of all the routers I can see when I turn on WIFI.

    Second Ive been reliant on CSL sim cards for both calls and data ($150 for 20gb isnt bad). And do everything phone. This means I dont watch videos online and because the university I work at has gone online for teaching I have to go in and use their facilities. Its not so bad with empty buses and MTR but I can see the $400 a week travel cost being put to internet bills instead.

    So essentially how do I get a phone line or just an internet line installed? The cabinet for phone/internet is 5 metres away.

    Im pretty sure its a monopoly for isps so dont need advice on that.


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    Probably start with this. I think it's Netvigator that usually runs out to village locations, someone else with better knowledge can pipe up otherwise. Or just call PCCW.

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    Most villages should have PCCW.

    Once you have your landline, you can try combining it with your CSL connection for faster internet: