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    Angry Home 4G Wifi Network

    Hi, I’ve just purchased a 4G router (which creates a home WiFi network) and taken out a new Smartone unlimited WiFi 4G data plan.

    The SIM works fine when I insert into my mobile, but not when I insert into the router - as it if it blocked. Smartone have told me it should work up to the limit of the FUP.

    Has anyone experienced this and knows how to resolve?


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    Try resetting the router to factor default...

    Which one did you get?

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    Netgear Nighthawk M1. I spent two hours on the netgear support line trying to resolve the issue. Smartone blame the device, and Netgear blame the provider...

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    This Netgear modem (LB1120 is good enough) when connected to a standard WIFI router definitely works as I use it with a SIM data card to power survellince cams 24x7 at a business (but not in HK). I'm not sure Smartone can block you from using it so its got to be your hardware and/or its configuration IMO.

    I recall looking at your model but passed on it as mine is cheaper and I wanted to select my own router. Is it possible to run yours as a modem only and connect a router? Maybe try that.

    The other thing I learned is you basically have to hang it high on a wall to get the best coverage (all receptions bars lighting up completely).

    SmarTone won't and cant block as in the past I used this for WIFI in HK:
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    Did you try the factory reset?



    If the above fails, try with a friend's 4G card to see if it works (maybe try 3, CSL, China Mobile), or take your the router to 3,CSL, CM and pretend you want to try their service and ask if you can try their Sim in your router...

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