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I bought two of these So SIM cards. Have tried to port my son's number over but failed once. Got the chat people to reset it and have tried again. Think it might be because I can't register a child's HK ID at Birdie...

Anyway there is no reception here where I live at all, nor where I work, so the Sim is entirely useless thus far. Is there any way of checking what the coverage is supposed to be?
Usually people get trouble migrating to SoSIM from Birdie because hey don't notice Birdie as a CONTRACT operator. Technically you're in a contract, albeit one with no permanence period, so you can cancel it at any time, which throws people off. But not sure this is your issue at hand here.

Regarding coverage map, it might have been temporary? During a whole weekend I had about no reception at all in a village in Yuen Long. Then I went there again a couple of weeks later, and I had 4 bars and full speed...At any rate, SoSIM uses Three's network (and their SIMs too!).