Best place to buy a mobile phone and camera

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    Best place to buy a mobile phone and camera

    Hi everyone,
    Could someone please give some advice on where is the best place to buy a camera and a mobile phone. It is my first time in Hong Kong so if you can give some direction I would appreciate it.

    Also while I'm at it shopping normally makes me thirsty and I would like to know of a good place to recharge my batteries with a beer.

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    Never buy from any shop that does not have a price tag attached to the product, Stay away from Electronic shops along nathan road in TST up to Jordon (Espicially the ones that put up TAX FREE), electonic goods are tax free in HK.

    Look at the charger of the product, if its a 2 plug 110V charger then its probaly a Grey Import which mean the warranty is useless for HK (if your going to take it to another country then it wouldnt bother) also grey imports are cheaper.

    If I were you, I would stick to the major electronic chains eg. Fortress / Broadway / Ghome etc.

    If you want to be adventurous then check out Sham Shui Po (Ap Liu Street) or Mong Kok (Fa Yuen Street).

    Good Luck.

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    I usually go to "Easy Tone Ltd."

    I can't guarantee they sell at the cheapest price (when compared to Mongkok), but I can pretty much guarantee they are fair and square.

    Their prices are much lower than Gome, Fortress, etc. I know for a fact that customers from abroad flock to their shop. And most importantly, they sell brand new products, not refurbished.

    One thing you probably want to mention is whether you want a "grey import," or an "official import" phone.

    Just in case you are wondering, "grey import" means that a company (not NOKIA, for example) bought stock from another country, and then sells the phones here in Hong Kong. This means NOKIA will not cover any warranty. "Grey imports" are cheaper though.

    "Official import" means that the official distributor(s) of the product (NOKIA for example), imports the phones and then distributes them to shops all over Hong Kong for sale. These are slightly pricier, but they do come with official warranty (sometimes including China and Macau aside from HK).

    Hope this helps.