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    Question Three Mobile Contract


    Just arrived in HK and planning to set up our mobile phones soon. Was thinking of getting a three plan with skype and IDD package.

    One question, I fancy an iPhone and have been looking at the plans. I am a bit confused because the have a pre-payment cost and a handset cost. These are quite high, does anyone know what these are and the differences ?



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    well handset cost is the minimun u have to pay, the pre-payment will be given back to you in monthly deductions. My misses bought an i-phone from 3 at fortress using her Hangseng Visa Card and at that time HS VC were doing promotion so no pre-payment was required. You need to sign a 24 month contract which is quite a bummer.

    you can buy the I-phone without a contract but it costs 5-6K just for the phone. This way u can choose different service providers.