iPhone dead, Apple won't repair it, what to do?

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    get your damaged iphone repaired at the mecca of all phone trading sin tat centre mobile phones (shopping centre purely for mobile)

    also for changing iphone battery ( at fraction of the extortion price which apple charges)

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    Thanks all for the advice, might just get the 3 "Emergency Replacement". Apple: good design, too much power.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimbo:
    I did say rumoured not that there actually was one, Ummm the big flaw is that the Ipod Touch can't make calls or send texts hence how can it be a substitute for the Iphone?

    Iphone too thick and heavy? Are you kidding me?

    Iphone 2G and Iphone 3G, thats all so far. They're not going to update it with a bigger HD or better megapixel camera anytime soon.
    Substitute for the OS and apps, most people want the games and all the apps they are not going after for the phone because they are used to their regular mobile. And of course the Touch can't make calls which they don't care at all. The iPhone Nano rumor is already confirmed untrue, I don't know why you are bringing this old news out. iPhone is thick and heavy this is the fact, please compare it with today's mobile phones not smart phones.

    In addition to your point, iPhone does not use HDD, it uses NAND chips and Apple has already ordered 3.2 and 5 megapixels cameras this month for future products. And with the 3.0 firmware along I don't see why there isn't a chance for an upcoming new iPhone this June in WWDC. BTW Apple has already ordered 4 million iPhone units for next generation, please look around the internet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eltonT:
    iPhone is thick and heavy this is the fact, please compare it with today's mobile phones not smart phones.
    Iphone's competitors are Blackberries, Htc's Sony Xperia, Samsung Pixon etc etc
    so clearly you have to compare it with those, How can you expect to compare an Iphone with say a Nokia 6208 classic?

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    Apple rejected

    Quote Originally Posted by chamius:
    I got rejected here in Hong Kong by 3 and Apple when my iPhone stopped working
    May I ask how Apple was contacted? In other words, did a 3 employee reject the claim on behalf of Apple or did you also contact Apple directly w/o any intervention from 3.

    I've had two iPhones replaced for minor problems (in the US however) by going directly to the Apple store.

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    I took it first to 3 and then they referred me to Apple's subcontracted local authorized repair center, which then rejected me. I talked to AppleCare on the phone and they said the same thing. Alas, I would think the Apple Store would say the same thing.

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    Can they also repair display damage, Gray lines appears on the side of the screen.

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    do it yourself!

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    Buy an android-based phone!

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    Quote Originally Posted by robertlempriere:
    Buy an android-based phone!
    +1 on that

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