problem with dust entering e71

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    problem with dust entering e71

    Hi fellow geo-expats, anyone using Nokia's e71?

    I'm not sure if this is a manufacturer problem but since I have brought it in for repairs, there is dust entering the inside of the screen, it's annoying the beans out of me.. is anyone else having this same problem with their e71?

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    Ahh - dust in the Nokia phone. In my personal experience it has effected almost all of my Nokia handsets i had own or own. When 3230 came out, I immediately bought it. Within 1 month it was all dust inside. I searched online forums and it was quite common problem. Anyway, went to Nokia and they probably cleaned it and gave back. Within 1 week there was dust again. So I replaced it with a different model.

    That too got the dust issue after few months so I did not bother too much and tried to live with it.

    My current 6300 also got the dust after few months.

    For E71 I am not sure how wide this issue is. You probably check some mobile forums online.

    Good Luck!