My Black Berry Service Evaluation in HK

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    My Black Berry Service Evaluation in HK

    I just evaluated two different BlackBerry service providers in HK.

    Here is my evaluation of the services for the benefits of next unfortunate soul who is on track to be addicted with CrackBerry

    (I hope the text is readable; KIA - pl. add the feature that supports tables!!)

    7100G; 7100V

    (I evaluated both 7100 series handhelds that had cellphone like keys interface & not individual keys for each alphabets)

    Service Provider
    CSL; Vodaphone

    Thicker (Much); Thinner

    Higher; Lower (perceptible)

    L X B
    Smaller; Bigger (not perceptible)

    Menu – software interface
    More intuitive; OK

    Data Download Speed
    Fast; @ 50-75% rate of CSL

    Web Experience
    Ok; Very slow (not recommended)

    Battery Life
    Excellent; Lesser – usually exhausted after day end (recommended spare battery for heavy users)

    Very Crisp image resolution; OK

    Chinese Character Support
    Yes; Came as garbage (may be software download issue)

    Coverage – (MTR stations, other islands, airport lounges, airport express, of course LFK etc.)
    Excellent; OK (workable – just slightly inferior)

    CDMA Areas (Japan & Korea)
    Does not work; Does not work

    Much Higher; Much Lower

    Also each model is associated with the service provider – hence you can’t use 7100V for CSL.

    Altogether in summary; CSL scores in speed & experience and Vodaphone in costs & hand unit dimensions.

    Dead Even, in my opinion.

    Also I never tested the Voice aspects of the service - (international roaming charges) - very important consideration in my opinion.

    Also I don't know which service provider will start supporting 7105t model; the super-hit gadget for 2005 holiday season in US.

    Happy BBing!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by howard_roark:
    Also each model is associated with the service provider – hence you can’t use 7100V for CSL.
    That is because the unit's PIN is registered with the service provider. Thanks for the review. I'm dubious as to whether BBs can still continue to lead in their push email field with the way smartphones are going.