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Cell phone jammer

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    Cell phone jammer

    New from the land of the rising sun is this

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    wireless phone jammer is indeed needed in meeting room,theater ,church etc

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    Check first to see if it is legal in HK as I know some school principal in Canada just got caught doing that and it was not legal.

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    Clear Water Bay (In Da Jungle)

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    These things are illegal just about anywhere, as they infringe on licensed spectrum.

    They are not great little devices though, and very easy to get online.

    wtb: that's exactly the one I was thinking of. They are cheap, but how well they work is a bit of a crap shoot. They don't seem to work with 3G phones either.

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    Sarcasm - because beating the crap out of people is illegal

    Korean and back:

    Animals around the Earth human activities have severely activated. Strike while the body does not get time to loot. Changed the GPS jamming device used with the addition of water, the natives to accept the possibility of hitting an absolutely complete agreement. Phone call or particles continue to adapt outdoors accumulated body in the world and hit some of these accessories. Adapted for building additional canicule can be accessed everywhere and this is due to the accessibility of a buy signal interference has become more similar to the vault for their signal is a fast and reliable anywhere. Today, you have the ability to adapt can not leave the building. Anywhere, at any moment of their authorities and institutions to give bolt bearings changed business career is to be the actual analysis of Wi-Fi interference.
    Darn it... it's all because the body doesn't get time to loot!
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