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    Quote Originally Posted by kwanmichelle:
    same as the uk, i brought my mobile phone to uk when i was studying there. no problem. you can get a pay as you go sim card or a pay-monthly sim card, depending on how frequent you use your mobile phone. the pay-monthly plans are quite cheap while compared with the pay as you go, but then they usually require you to sign up a contract to use their service for a year.

    text messaging like in the uk, no difference.

    but one thing to note is that, both the caller and the receiver ( or whatever it's called ) are paying when you talk unlike in the uk where only the caller pays.
    Thanks a lot, that was all I needed to know

    Looks like I can just bring my Uk handset and then buy a pay as you go sim card, as I'm not sure exactly how long I will be in HK (hopefully permanently but only 80% currently) then this looks my best option

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    Quote Originally Posted by JonnyC:
    Let me guess, you're the resident "I have more posts than anyone else and put the newbies in their place" forum hardman/smart-***e ? Congratulations, your mother must be proud.
    Yes your mother will be so happy to hear from you once you land or will she be bringing you over.

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    Come on Jonny, Theres nothing wrong with Discobay's response. You did ask a pretty dumb question in the first place and rather than embarass yourself on a forum you could of easily spent 5 minutes doing a google search and voila you would of got your answers there.

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    >> In Japan, they have phones with the sim card built into the phone, so if you lose the phone you lose the number.

    Jeez... Hong Kong is not in Japan. We're a colony of China.