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    Mobile Phone Choice

    Am looking to buy a mobile phone with the following features.
    1.Clear reception
    2.Decent Camera
    3.Double as a music player(MP3)

    Had been using a O2 Xda b4.
    But looking for something simpler like the Sony Ericsson walkman phones

    So far narrowed down the choices to SonyEric W810 and the Toshiba phone at Smartone (803 I believe)

    The Toshiba is a bit expensive as it is available only through Smartone!Probably cheaper in Japan as a handset only??

    That reminds me how good is the O2 Atom's media playback?? (I definitely could use the other features the the Atom has)

    Any advice is welcome!

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    The O2 Atom's playback is very good. It allows you to categorise your media into music, pictures and videos. Under music it displays the music files under albums, artists, playlists, songs and genres. Playback is by Windows media player. Of disappointment are the supplied earphones which I've put back in the box. I use the ones that came with my Xphone which surprisingly for a two-year old design are superior.