XBox 360 Elite avaliable in HK?

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    XBox 360 Elite avaliable in HK?

    I'm moving to HK in August and I am debating on whether or not to buy an xbox 360 elite here in the US before I come over. I've read on previous threads that the games are coded and that I should buy the version over there. I want the elite because of the HDMI output available.

    I'm hoping to use the xbox360 to unify music, games, and other computer / internet files.

    I have friends in US that I will still want to play on-line with. Will it work if we have different versions of the xbox 360 or games?

    As you can probably tell I'm not very good with the tech details or pros and cons of transporting technology from the US to HK.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    - Josh

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    HK Release is not schedule for "give it a few more months" according to Microsoft PR.

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    MS has no plans to release it here until late this year or early next.

    I recommend buying a local HK premium version instead.
    If you are worried about HDD size you don't need to
    I have music on it and saves for my 92K+ gamerscore and I still have loads of space left.

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    The Elite is stupid anyway.