I want to play with people from Hong Kong.

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    Post I want to play with people from Hong Kong.

    So a few months ago i bought a Xbox 360 and i'm new to it.but whenever i play multiplayer,they always matchmake me with people as far as from U.S and i always lag ecspecially games like :Call Of duty:Black Ops,Homefront,Halo reach,Assasins Creed:BH.so i was wondering if there are any players from Hong Kong who would like to play with local's please add me, my gamertag is :WantlessOrphan3
    Thanks for hearing me out.

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    I don't play BO much except for the Zombie maps but will send you a FR on Live. I think I have bumped into you online before as your GT is pretty unique

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    well thank you very much,i am glad that i stumbled upon this website,i hope i make more friends through this website ecspecially with local's

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    i'm virago100 on Xbox360. Play BO a bit, die alot. Won't be a good team member as I like using the flamethrower on people and like to watch them burn.

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    I will be moving to HK in 2 weeks. I play CoD Black Ops a lot, so I am hoping I can find a handful of people who will join me here. Is it even possible to play with my friend in the US? I am planning on getting a 100mb connection, but from the sounds of it, this may not help matters much. Feel free to add me on Xbox360 "JOHNSONJ1"

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    hey i want to have fun,thats it.i find many people just play games for competetiveness not for fun.i want to have a lot of fun.well add me my gamertag:WantlessOrphan3

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    well ya its terrible playing with people from U.S,Europe and britain,i always lag no matter how fast your connection.but anyways i will add u,cheers and safe journey to Hong Kong

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    Hey go ahead and add me, I'm always down to play games with locals for a lagless experience

    my s/n is "Capt Weeks". I usually play Modern Warfare 2 but I'm also down for some Black Ops. I play a lot of stuff really.