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Kindle fire in Hong Kong

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    Kindle fire in Hong Kong

    are you able to use kindle fire properly in Hong Kong,

    My friend told me that you need an US address and US credit card to download various apps on Kindle fire.

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    I was told that a HK (HSBC) card works fine. I am curious if the Amazon Prime streaming works here as I have been offered prime for $39 a year which is a pretty good deal.

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    United States only: Prime instant videos are only available to Amazon Prime members with who are located in the United States. Help: Getting Started with Amazon Prime

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    No - you can't use it completely. You can't buy from the Amazon App store without a US CC and billing address and of course you can't use it on standard Android market because it's not supported. And yes, I have a HK HSBC CC.

    I have successfully bought ebooks, but this is perhaps only because I have a standard kindle and they get downloaded on to both by default.

    The non-US-available Apps are very limited at the moment: contacts, email, FB, Comics X, Quickoffice, weather channel and a few others.

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    I got one they first came out. I was able to buy free apps from the Amazon store as I entered a US billing address (A MacDonalds in Chicago) and a test credit card #. HK HSBC cards do not work at all - even through a VPN.

    For books any credit card will do, however.

    Rooting it to put the full Android store on is pretty easy - check out XDA forums.

    I lost it, probably in a taxi, one night and didn't even think of getting another one. I got a Kindle Touch instead. Much better for reading and the Fire is too heavy and irritating - get a Samsung or iPad if you want a tablet and stick to a normal Kindle for reading.

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