Nintendo DS lite in HK?? a few questions...

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    Nintendo DS lite in HK?? a few questions...


    I'm about to go on holiday to Hong Kong and I would really love to get a nintendo DS lite with lots of games and seeing as it is universal i thought i may aswel wait to get it when im there! i read...

    Quote Originally Posted by hk_trotter:
    Orient Shopping Centre, 188 Wan Chai Road is the address for your gaming needs. I bought the white Nintendo DS Lite USA Version, plus the crystall shell case, plus the English R4 Pack, plus the SanDisk 1GB MicroSD card, plus the screen protector, plus the 100-240V AC adapter, all for only HK$ 1330.-.

    It was a bundle offer of the shop. Probably the best offer out there in all Hong Kong.

    Shop 201, 2/F in case you wish to know exactly where...
    ...and that sounds like an amazing deal! but i dont know where I would go to find it, and also i've never been before so i really dont want to get ripped off!

    And lastly... the Supercard Lite and Superkey... do you have to have your DS modded for these to work or would they work anyway? and do most places mod if you ask them to?

    Thanks to anyone who replies!

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    No you don't have to mod your DS in any way if you're going to use the R4 cartridge, just stick it in and use. Make sure you get an English version of the R4 because I recently bought one for somebody and it had Chinese menus etc. I had to manually patch it back to English.